Barrell Dovetail Bourbon Whiskey

Barrell Dovetail Bourbon Whiskey


Barrell Dovetail is a delicious, woody bourbon finished in cabernet casks, port pipes, and rum casks, seamlessly blended and bottled at cask strength.


Barrell Dovetail features woody bourbon finished in Dunn Vineyards Cabernet casks, Late Bottled Vintage Port pipes, and blackstrap molasses rum casks, all working in tandem to create a buttery and deep whiskey as unique as it is delicious. Each release is blended to taste and bottled at true cask strength, resulting in subtle proof variations between blends. Barrell Dovetail is a whiskey as unique as it is delicious, its interlocking components both visible and seamlessly merged — just like a perfect dovetail joint in a handmade cabinet.

The nose offers a mature blend of sweet (canelé, panna cotta, crème de noyaux) and savory (walnut oil, leather) aromas, complemented by floral, herbaceous, and mineral undertones. Meanwhile, the palate delivers deeper, spicier flavors like cocoa, molasses, burnt marshmallow, cola, nutmeg, and Tellicherry peppercorn. The finish is elegantly sweet with hints of rose jelly, chestnut honey, Pineau des Charantes, hazelnut, eucalyptus, and Corsican mint.


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