Angel’s Envy Barrel Select finished in Ruby Port barrels is bottled between 100 to 110 proof, resulting in a creamy and indulgent spirit. Each Barrel Select has a distinctly unique palate, with notes of vanilla, ripe fruit, maple syrup, toast, bitter and chocolate.

Color: In the glass, the whiskey presents a nice amber color, with a slight lean into gold.

Nose: The aroma of this whiskey has lots of shortbread cookies and croissant. It has delicate notes of orange marmalade that give way to brown butter. At the tail end, there is a note of candy corn.

Palate: For 55% ABV this is a very approachable dram. The front of the palate has lots of brown sugar and custard. Following that, there are stewed fruits like cherries and oranges. Some vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak flesh out the mid-palate with hints of milk chocolate. On the back palate and finish, there are lots notes of leather and tobacco.