Vistalba Corte A 2015

Carlos Pulenta, one of the innovators of the Argentina wine industry, built Bodega Vistalba in 2002 following the Bordeaux chateaux model to create sophisticated blends with incredible aging potential. All wines are sourced from his estate in the sub-appellation of Vistalba in the Lujan de Cuyo region of Mendoza. Bodega Vistalba is the only winery permitted to use the Vistalba appellation in its name. The architecture style is ”criollo”, or Argentine native style. This blends perfectly into the classic Mendoza terroir. Following the heritage of his ancestors and the traditional winemaking that the first Italian and Spanish immigrants brought to Argentina, this is where Carlos Pulenta developed his personal undertaking of blending wines involving members of his family, advisors, enologists and a highly esteemed group of people who knew his land well. Grapes are harvested manually and when off the vine their temperature is reduced in a cooling tunnel (approx. 15 degrees Fahrenheit). Stems and berries are selected twice. These grapes are gently placed in concrete fermentation tanks, where, after three to four days of cold maceration, fermentation begins. The winery has been designed in such a way that the whole winemaking process is gravity induced without the use of pumps. The concrete fermentation tanks were designed by Carlos Pulenta himself. Inside the tank walls there are water pipes that can circulate cold or hot water. The temperatures of the water are computer controlled. The main advantages of this system are thermal inertia and micro-oxygenation. Two French wooden barrels are used for the best selected grapes destined to Blend A. After being bottled, the wines rest in an underground cellar which constitutes the heart of the winery itself. Wines rest there in French oak casks in a temperature controlled room with a temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit and 80% relative humidity; ideal conditions for wine.