Opening in 1998, Veramonte is a striking, modern facility designed by one of Chile‚Äôs leading architects, Jorge Swinburn. It houses the latest technology in gravity-based fermentors, ultra-modern stainless steel tanks and high efficiency bottling lines. Built for small-lot wine production, the facility ensures individual vineyard blocks can be fermented and aged separately prior to final blending – allowing winemaking to create authentic, vineyard expressive wines. Veramonte was founded as a vineyard-based winery whose mission is to produce high quality wines that accurately, authentically express varietal characteristics via Chile‚Äôs unique terroirs — the combined environment of soil, topography, climate and people. Our commitment to nurturing the ties of every wine to its soil or ‚Äùsense of place‚Äù reflects a dedication to produce terroir expressive wines.