Vecchia Romagna Brandy

Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera Brandy is obtained from a blend of wine spirit matured in small oak casks. Vecchia Romagna has seen an increasing success up to nowadays also thanks to the expertise of Montenegro S.r.L, leading Italian company active on the spirits market for more than 120 years, that bought the brand in 1999 and stregthened its leadership in the brandy market.

The choice of the wines for spirit, from Trebbiano di Romagna grapes, the distillation technique and the maturing technology are fundamental elements in creating the intense and harmonious bouquet that characterizes this brandy. The spirit rests for many years in silent cellars, in valuable small oak barrels, letting time and nature merge together.

A bottle of the famous Italian grape brandy Vecchia Romagna – one of Italy’s best-selling spirits and a historic brand that’s been around for a very long time. Vecchia Romagna is distilled from the Trebbiano grape, known as Ugni Blanc in France – where it is the base grape for almost all of the world’s best Cognacs.