Triple Eight Gale Force Gin

Gale Force is Triple Eight Distillery’s flagship gin. Although Triple Eight Distillery is a microdistillery in the United States, its founding predates many others in the distilling hotbed of New England. Founded in 1997 on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, it was the first microdistillery in the region. Though Triple Eight Distillery is probably best known in the region for its flagship self-titled vodka, Gale Force Gin is a worthy addition to their line. Gale Force Gin is a throwback of sorts. In a world where most gins register at 80 proof, Gale Force clocks in at 44.4%  and therefore packs slightly more punch than some of its peers.

NOSE: The nose is a gentle juniper with hints of coriander and other spices. It smells clean but somewhat refreshing.

PALATE: When sipped straight it fills your mouth with warmth immediately, but its not sharp. The burn is decidedly muted for an overproof  gin. Though the scent and the warmth are clear juniper, the taste is refreshingly citrus. A little bit of lemon and orange expand to fill the mouth and round out the feel of the gin. Though juniper fades into the background here, it is a well balanced gin.

FINISH: The finish is peppery and smooth, reminding me a bit of the closing notes of Bombay Sapphire East.