The Lost Distillery Co. is an exciting new project, conceived by Scott Watson and Brian Woods. There are around hundred distilleries that have closed during the past century, and we would have never known what those single malts tasted like. Until this day. The whiskys are a modern interpretation, rather than an exact replica, all of them are non chill-filtered, and have no caramel coloring added (the process if chill-filtration did not exist at that time and the caramel coloring was not invented yet).

The Stratheden distillery existed from 1829 till 1926 and was situated in the center of the old market town of Auchtermuchty in Fife. The earliest records of legal distillation indicate it was founded in 1829, although there is anecdotal evidence of the prior use of illegal stills in the area.The distillery was unusual in that it only ever had one owner – three successive generations of the Bonthrone family. TheBonthrone’s hailed from the area and according to whisky writer, Brian Townsend, were a “…true malting, brewing and distilling dynasty.” Ancestors of the family were brewers in nearby Falkland in the 1600’s. They also had local interests in baking and milling.

Check out the complete history of the distillery here.

The Lost Distillery Stratheden is a modern day replica of this historic whisky, which had a distinctive sherry influence and a touch of smokiness. Although it is technically a blended malt, we like to think of it as a single malt.  Bottled at 46% alc/vol.

NOSE: Notes of apples, pears and dried citrus.

PALATE: Caramel, espresso, toffee, sherry sweetness, hints of smoke.

FINISH: Long, with touches of warming spices, smoke, cinnamon and oak.