The El Dorado 21 Year Old Rum

The El Dorado 21 Year Old Rum


El Dorado 21-Year-Old Rum, revered as a “monumental aged rum,” is meticulously crafted for the discerning enthusiast, offering an exquisite savoring experience with its captivating tropical fruit and spice aromas.

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Crafted with the discerning rum enthusiast in mind, El Dorado 21-Year-Old Rum invites a leisurely savoring experience, ideally enjoyed on its own and shared among a select circle of cherished companions. Reverently acclaimed as a “monumental aged rum” by the Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago, this masterpiece embodies one of the world’s most distinguished rum-drinking journeys.

The captivating hue and remarkable character of this exquisite elixir are masterfully orchestrated by our esteemed Master Blender. With a proprietary blend that intertwines meticulously chosen rums, each aged for a minimum of 21 years, sourced from the Enmore wooden Coffey still, the Versailles single wooden pot still, and the Albion Savalle still, the result is a harmonious symphony of flavors and aromas.

Enveloped in the indulgent embrace of lush tropical fruits and an intriguing spice bouquet, the aroma is further accentuated by delicate notes of honey and dark sugar. The palate is a lavish revelation, characterized by a round, mellowness that gracefully unfolds into a full-bodied opulence, showcasing an opulent tapestry of fruit and spice flavors that linger luxuriously. El Dorado 21-Year-Old Rum stands as a testament to the artistry of our Master Blender and a tribute to the finest traditions of rum craftsmanship.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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