Suntory World Whisky AO

Suntory World Whisky AO


Suntory Whisky Ao is a unique blend from five distinguished whisky-making regions, embodying their histories and climates and offering an evolving symphony of aromas and flavors.


Suntory Whisky embarks on an exploration of uncharted realms with the introduction of Ao, inviting enthusiasts to delve into their maiden blend originating from the five most revered whisky-making regions – Ireland, Scotland, America, Canada, and Japan. Each region’s distinct history and climate imbue its personality into the captivating Ao world blended whisky, a culmination of almost a century of trials and achievements.

Diverging from their customary approach of harmonizing individual whisky characteristics, Suntory World Whisky Ao attains equilibrium at its foundation, intricately layering and accentuating a diverse array of traits that yield an ever-evolving symphony of aromas and flavors, dependent on the moment and manner of consumption. The choice to savor Ao Whisky in its neat, on the rocks, or cocktail form extends an invitation to traverse its smoky essence, lush fruity notes, and velvety, sweet mouthfeel.

Formulated by Suntory blenders who ingeniously intertwined the complexities of disparate climates and cultures, this intricate flavor profile promises a multitude of experiences suited for varying environments and individuals. With every sip, a voyage of discovery unfurls, revealing novel flavors and an expedition into diverse realms.


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