Stoller Pinot Noir 2015

Stoller Pinot Noir 2015


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Stoller Pinot captivates with soft elegance, featuring notes of black loam, Indian spice, ripe strawberry, rose hips, and cherries.

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The Stoller winery operates as a solar-generating, gravity-flow facility, seamlessly combining progressive, environmentally-friendly design with gentle, traditional winemaking practices that minimize damage. The harvest typically commences at the end of September. The incoming fruit enters the winery during the cool morning hours and is stored in the cooling room to reach the desired temperature before processing.

The Pinot Noir grapes undergo a meticulous sorting process, and after the cold soak period, they ferment in the tanks for up to 10 days. The fermentation process, typically lasting three to four days, is followed by pressing or extended post-fermentation time. The settled wine moves to the cellars for secondary fermentation and aging, achieved by bacteria that converts malic acid into lactic acid for a smooth palette perception. All Pinot lots are fermented and barrel-aged separately, allowing for knowledge and assessments before blending.

The winery exclusively uses French oak barrels, selecting from various coopers based on vine age, clone, and vintage. Blending occurs in late spring/early summer once the wines complete secondary fermentation. After spending approximately 10 months in oak barrels, the Pinots are blended and bottled before the next vintage. The winemaking process embodies patience, capturing a unique product that reflects nature’s offerings, a specific time, place, and the individuals involved.

This Stoller Pinot presents itself as a delightful, softer, and more elegant rendition than previously encountered, and the appreciation for it is evident. The nose exudes the distinct characteristics of the Dundee Hills, evoking a sense of black loam and Indian spice. Abundant notes of ripe strawberry and rose hips contribute to the fresh aromatics, achieving a harmonious balance of red, purple, and black fruit. The palate offers an astonishingly approachable experience, showcasing a seamless texture. With a full and creamy mid-palate, the wine gracefully tapers into a lighter, more finesseful finish. This concluding phase is adorned with accents of spiced pie cherries and elegant plum-skin-like tannins, further enhancing the overall charm and sophistication of this Stoller Pinot.

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