Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum

Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum


Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum is a luxurious choice among Caribbean rums aged up to four years, combining delicate sweetness with an underlying oak essence for a harmonious and intriguing experience.

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Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum entices with aromatic notes of toffee, pickling spices, and lanolin, leading to a velvety entrance that unveils a well-rounded, subtly fruity dry medium body enriched with flavors of roasted nuts, dark caramel, and vanilla bean, culminating in a delectable finish of buttered nuts, spices, and caramel, making it a hedonistic choice among aged Caribbean rums.

Crafted through a blend of rums aged in oak barrels for an unspecified duration, though generally up to four years, this rum presents a delicate sweetness and an underlying oak essence, creating a harmonious fusion. While its initial impact is straightforward, the unexpectedly lingering finish suggests a more intricate character.


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