Rogue Oregon Single Malt Whsikey

Established in 2003, Rogue Spirits creates multi-ingredient small-batch spirits, artisan distilled in traditional handcrafted copper pot stills. The majority of raw ingredients utilized in the production of Rogue Spirits, including grains, hops, and botanicals, are sourced directly from local Oregon farms. No chemicals, additives, or preservatives are used.

Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is plowed, disced, harrowed, seeded, fed, watered, threshed, winnowed, malted, milled, mashed, fermented, distilled, smithed, barrel-aged and bottled by hand. When you grow it, you know it. Rogue Farms Oregon Single Malt Whiskey opens with an attractive aroma of floral honey, peach and mango. Medium-to-full bodied, the aromas slowly transition to lush, ripe fruit and brown spice.

NOSE: A delicate aroma of honey on the nose gives way to tones of dried fruit, oak, hay, and hints of smoke.

PALATE: Begins with a sweet malted barley, honey and butterscotch flavor, with a bit of citrus and ripe fruit

FINISH: Finishes with a balanced smoked oak undertone. Medium light mouthfeel, slightly dry tannic finish.