Parce 8 Year Rum

100% real: Every drop of rum in our bottle of 8-year has been aged for at least eight years, and every drop in our 12-year has been aged for at least twelve years. All in used bourbon barrels to impart delightful complexity with flavors that evolve in the finish. We use all natural, organic ingredients derived from pure sugar cane. Pure Colombian, period.

One bottle equals one tree: In cooperation with the Colombia Risaralda Forest Governance Project. every purchased bottle of Parce Rum finances the planting of one tree in Colombia.

In Colombia, “parce” is casual for “good friend.” We hope you enjoy our rum casually with your good friends! Follow us for the latest updates on where you can find your own Parce soon, as well as meanderings from Colombia taste and travel.

Every batch of rum starts with the selection of the finest sugar cane. Our master distillers carefully select sugar cane varieties both local (San Cristobal) and foreign (Barbados, Trinidad) for an optimal flavor profile and bouquet.
Our suppliers grow, maintain and harvest their own sugar cane manually every season. After the harvest, sugar cane is taken to our distillery for quality control, sorting and milling. Batched for quality, the sugar cane is processed into juice. This happens by crushing, extracting and straining the canes, as well as, the molasses obtained from the production of refined sugar. Only natural spring water and homegrown yeast are added to the juice providing optimum fermentation process over a period of 36 to 48 hours. The environment is strictly controlled. Once the fermentation process yields the “cane wine,” it is distilled in a stainless steel 4-column still. Each column produces different profiles of rum tafia (unaged spirit) for different levels of maturing. The rum tafia is transferred to spent, charred American white oak bourbon casks to mature. Maturing takes place at sea level, where natural environmental conditions contribute to the terroir (local characteristics) of the rum. Master blenders Arthur and Brojen Fernades Domecq use their combined expertise to balance the proprietary blend in our 8 and 12-year rums.