Oola Gin

Founded in 2011, Oola Distillery is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Owner and distiller, Kirby Kallas-Lewis produces hand-crafted gin, vodka, flavored vodkas and bourbon whiskey in small batches. White winter wheat is sourced from a third-generation Washington family farm that’s certified organic and Salmon-Safe and the Hungarian Goathorn peppers Kirby uses for his flavored vodka are grown in Yakima Valley. He grinds, mills, ferments and distills his spirits in house. The distillery is named after Kirby’s German shepherd, Oola.

A complex nose of citrus and rose balanced with a subtle sense of juniper. Clean and floral on the palate with hints of coriander and cardamom. Finishes long and sweet of caramel and vanilla, a reminder that Oola’s local wheat vodka is the base.

NOSE: Citrus, Rose, Juniper

PALATE: Citrus, Floral, Coriander, Caramel, Vanilla

FINISH: The lengthy finish gave off subtle hints of caramel. Some tasters on the panel noticed a hint of vanilla on the finish as well