Oola Citrus Vodka

Oola Citrus Vodka


OOLA Distillery Citrus Vodka, crafted from hand-harvested lemon verbena, delivers a nuanced citrus profile with caramel and vanilla undertones.

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Oola Distillery produces small batches of gin, vodka, flavored vodkas, and bourbon whiskey. This is the real deal-spirits made with a sense of place and a connection to the people who grew the raw ingredients and the man who coaxed them into their more spirited forms-gins in which you can taste the botanicals, distinctive vodkas, and flavorful bourbon whiskey.

For Oola owner and distiller Kirby Kallas-Lewis, Oola is a labor of love, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to the neighborhood he has called home for over two decades. Kirby has been studying the art and science of distilling intensively. He has participated in numerous workshops, tastings, and conferences on the topic of craft distilling by some of the leaders in the industry. A former artist and tribal art dealer, Kirby has long been interested in the power that great food, wine, art, cocktails, and entertaining have in connecting people to each other and to a place.

OOLA Distillery Citrus Vodka is produced using hand-harvested lemon verbena grown by our founder and head distiller. The lemon verbena is infused the same morning it is harvested to capture its full bouquet of essential oils. These vodkas are filtered once using minimal charcoal to retain the character of locally-sourced grain, while columnar distillation ensures a superior clarity and sharply-focused structure. The citrus flavor features a finely-textured finish with notes of caramel and vanilla.


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