In 1826 when James Henderson founded the most northerly distillery on the British mainland, there were plenty more fish in the sea. The Highland town of Wick was at the centre of a ‘herring boom’,
becoming the largest and wealthiest fishing port in Europe. Barrels of silver and gold left the harbour of Wick (there were no roads). The herrings were silver, the gold was Old Pulteney single malt scotch whisky.

Today, ‘the silver darlings’ have long gone but the Pulteney distillery still produces ‘unashamedly excellent’ single malt whisky Рtangy, dry, and with a mineral-salted spiciness that evokes the rugged, windswept character of the far north. It is the unique history of the town, its people and their distillery that makes Old Pulteney The Maritime Malt. Every drop of Old Pulteney Highland Single Malt whisky is presented in our unique bottle which mirrors the shape of the stills at Pulteney Distillery.

Brought to life at Pulteney Distillery in Wick, Old Pulteney 1983 Single Malt Scotch Whisky is an exclusive vintage expression of the Maritime Malt was matured in American and Spanish oak casks for over 33 years. Robust and full-flavoured, the whisky is lent rare balance and elegance by the Caithness coastal air. Its excellence stands as a testimony to a time-honoured process and unrivalled craftsmanship. Old Pulteney 1983 is a limited edition expression.

NOSE: From the depth and sweetness of stewed fruit and toffee, a chocolatey aroma develops with spicy vanilla and oily citrus adding complexity and weight. Sublimely balanced and relentlessly rich.

PALATE: Full-bodied and mouth-coating, the sweet and savoury heart is reminiscent of salted caramel and dried fruit while honey and vibrant, spicy vanilla build contrast and breadth of flavor.

FINISH: The creamy finish is long and elegant.