Old Pulteney was established in 1826, and is located in the Pulteneytown area of Wick, in the Highlands, and it is the most Northerly mainland distillery in Scotland. Old Pulteney malts are known for their craftsmanship quality and maritime character.

Old Pulteney 12yr is the introductory offering from the distillery. In our opinion it is a great introductory malt for people who are just starting to explore the world of single malts, and it is also a very good after dinner every day dram, offering a lot of character and flavor for the money. Bottled at 43% alc/vol. The neck of the bottle is shaped in the form of the actual stills used at the distillery, which is pretty cool!

NOSE: Clean, notes of parsley, almonds, herbs and sea air.

PALATE: Very well balanced, medium weight on the palate, nutty, sultana, oak, spice, toffee.

FINISH: Short to medium, notes of oak, malt and spice.