Normandin-Mercier Cognac Fine Champagne 15 Year Old Prestige

Normandin-Mercier Cognac Fine Champagne 15 Year Old Prestige


Normandin-Mercier Cognac, with a heritage dating to 1872 and five generations, is a distinctive grape blend, aged near La Rochelle’s historic port, marked by an ocean-influenced aging process, unwavering purity commitment, and a rich spectrum of authentic aromas and flavors.

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Since the year 1872, the illustrious journey of Normandin-Mercier has been enriched by the contributions of five successive generations. Over the course of decades, this familial endeavor has revolved around sourcing exceptional young cognacs from trusted growers, a practice exclusively focused on the revered terroirs of Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne. Nestled within the picturesque environs of Château de la Péraudière, Normandin-Mercier has carved its esteemed reputation by honing the craft of blending and maturing cognacs within a remarkable geographical setting. Presently overseen by Edouard, Jean-Marie, and Audrey Normandin, the domain is committed to infusing their products with the distinctive personal touch and expertise for which the brand has gained renown.

Normandin-Mercier is distinct in the composition of its grapes. The cognac crafted by Normandin-Mercier encompasses approximately 90% Ugni Blanc, harmoniously complemented by 10% of Colombard and Folle Blanche. This particular blend, a rarity within the realm of cognac production, endows their spirits with an individual character that stands apart from the rest.

The cognac is meticulously nurtured and matured within the traditional cellars of the family château, situated near the historic medieval port of La Rochelle—an illustrious location integral to Cognac’s historical narrative. The proximity to the ocean, coupled with the inherent regulation of hygrometry and the temperate oceanic climate, contributes to the exceptional aging process of the cognacs. This, in turn, bestows upon them a unique fullness, an innate elegance, and a distinctive character that sets them apart.

Normandin-Mercier cognac is further distinguished by their commitment to purity: They do not incorporate artificial coloring and remain untouched by cold filtration. This unwavering commitment ensures the preservation of the complete spectrum of aromas and flavors, offering a sensory experience that is authentic, unadulterated, and distinguished.

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