Niwa No Uguisu 60 Junmai Ginjo

Niwa No Uguisu 60 Junmai Ginjo


Niwa no Uguisu is a Fukuoka Junmai Ginjo made from Yamada Nishiki rice that offers an aromatic, fresh profile for diverse food pairings.

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Niwa no Uguisu, brewed by Yamaguchi Shuzojo in the Chikugo region of Japan, draws its inspiration from the abundance of pure water in the Chikugogawa, one of the largest rivers in Kyushu. The brewery’s connection to nature is reflected in the sake’s name, translating to “Garden’s Nightingale,” inspired by Japanese nightingales playing in the water. The brewery, prioritizing water, rice, and people, releases 17-20 annually-varied sakes, each featuring a unique depiction of the Nightingale.

Crafted with Yamada Nishiki rice at a 60% polishing ratio, Niwa no Uguisu is a Junmai Ginjo sake from Fukuoka. Tetsuo Yamaguchi, the 11th-generation brewer, emphasizes the brewery’s commitment to food pairing, with grilled fish, vegetables, meat dishes, and various seasonings complementing the sake. This aromatic and fresh sake, redolent of green melons, offers a crisp and textured palate with umami-rice flavors, culminating in a lingering finish that enhances the dining experience.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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