Created by masters of ‘natural flavor infusion’, Me Oko is the first naturally flavored vodka made in America for American tastes. Richly accented natural infusions of ginger make Me Oko vodkas the most approachable and tasty ever introduced here. One sip will alert your palate to something ultra-refined and truly different. Me Oko is what those of us who love big natural flavors have been hoping for, a super-refined, multi-distilled vodka with very forward flavor notes and a long finish.
Certified kosher and 60 proof.¬†Chosen for natural sweetness, and it’s gluten-free base, Me Oko is a corn-based spirit.

The formula – developed by Miyoko’s husband, Jiro, who comes from a long line of family farmers and herb specialists – relaxes, helps with digestion and relieves anxiety. With startlingly intense aroma and taste, Me Oko Ginger Flavor almost act as liqueurs, and can be used to enhance and or bring a new twist to traditional cocktail recipes.