Maguey Melate “Signature Box” Uncertified Mezcal Gift Pack

Maguey Melate “Signature Box” Uncertified Mezcal Gift Pack


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The Melate “Signature Box” is the ultimate gift for Mezcal enthusiasts, featuring three half-bottles of exceptional quality mezcal from different maestro mezcaleros, accompanied by traditional artisanal items and unique hand-crafted art pieces

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The exquisite “Signature Box” from Melate is the ULTIMATE Mezcal lover’s gift. This exceptional and unique work of art contains 3 half-bottles of mezcal of exceptional quality from 3 maestro mezcaleros.

You’ll enjoy a wonderful Tepextate from San Lorenzo Albarradas, distilled on a traditional copper pot still by Marta and Isaac Garcia. The exceptional ancestral Tobaziche from Maestro Felix Angeles Arellanas in Santa Catarina Minas is double-distilled on clay pots. And the third offering is a gorgeous Madrecuixe distilled on copper pots with refrescadera by the exciting young distiller Ageo Cortes in Miahuatlan.

In addition to these beautiful spirits, the box includes products showcasing the traditional craftsmanship of artisans throughout the region: You’ll find a hand-sculpted clay cup, one hand-carved jicara and two raw jicaras (traditional drinking gourds), and two hand-blown glass tumblers to enjoy for sipping mezcal with. Also, at least one cork is hand painted or hand carved by Alebrije artisans. Finally, you’ll find a totally unique piece of hand crafted art. The unique prints are one of a kind and produced by up-and-coming Mexican artists. Each 10×10 piece is one of just 50 prints and is ready to frame. In the case of the 30 Signature boxes produced for K&L, each image is completely unique.

This unbelievably intricate and sustainably designed package will easily be the best gift you’ll ever buy the mezcal-lover in your life.

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