First distilled in 1973, Longrow is a double distilled, heavily peated single malt, produced by the Springbank distillery. The barley used in the production of Longrow is entirely peat dried, giving the whisky a wonderfully smokey, peaty character. The whisky is named after the old Longrow distillery which stood adjacent to Springbank.

Springbank distillery was founded in 1828 and remains to be one of the very few independently owned distilleries in Scotland. Springbank is one of the 2 distilleries to perform every step of the production process on site from malting the barley, to bottling the spirit (big kudos to Springbank and Kilchoman, which is the second distillery to do so). Springbank single malt is also available from the distillery, as well as Hazelburn triple distilled single malt.

Longrow Red 11yr Australian Shiraz Cask is a very limited edition offering from the distillery, only 9,000 bottles of it were ever produced, making it very collectible single malt. It was matured for 6 years in a refill ex-bourbon and 5 years in ex Australian shiraz casks, acquired from Angove’s Long Row Winery. This whisky is non chill-filtered, has no artificial coloring added, and bottled at 53.7% alc/vol.

NOSE: Peat, smoked cheese, oatcakes, and leather.

PALATE: Peat and red wine tannins, dried summer fruit, peach, cherry, and chocolate.

FINISH: Burst of peat, with pleasant dry oak notes.