La Favorite Ambre Rhum

La Favorite Distillery in La Lementin, Martinique has all the elements of a good story, has lots of plot twists and turns, an unusual beginning and a great ending. The distillery was first built in 1842, and what started out as a good idea, suddenly went stale when bankruptcy, followed by a hurricane closed the distillery in 1875. However, this is not the end of the story, there is more to tell. In 1909, Mr. Henri Dormoy purchased the property, rebuilt the distillery, and in certainly an unusual twist for a rum distillery, started producing alcohol to be used for making explosives during World War I. By 1920, Mr. Dormoy progressed from making alcohol for explosives, built Ch√¢teau La Favorite and launched his Martinique rum in France. When Mr. Henri Dormoy died in 1938, Mr. Andr√© Dormoy took over the family business. Today, Mr. Paul Dormoy, Mr. Henri Dormoy’s grandson, is the Master Distiller and runs La Favorite Distillery. Despite its auspicious start, La Favorite continues to thrive and is one of the few remaining family-owned distilleries in Martinique.

NOSE: Fresh sugar cane aroma

PALATE: Fruit and suede leather body

FINISH: Rich tannins in the finish