The ban on absinthe was lifted in the United States in 2007 after 92 years. This was achieved through the leadership of Yves Kubler, the 4th generation master distiller of his family’s brand. Kubler is the only brand available on the US market that comes from the birthplace of absinthe in the Val-de-Travers, Switzerland and has been in continuous distillation by the same family since its origin in 1863. Kubler’s authenticity is beyond reproach.

Kubler Absinthe has a taste of perfectly made licorice with bitterness of quality made wormwood, stimulating tongue and palate. Pleasant sweetness from fennel and anise. Well balanced without any overtones. No spinach of chlorophyll colorants. Long lasting with all the nuances of distilled herbs, plants and spices. A truly authentic absinthe. Bottled at 53% Alc/vol.