Until recently, Bowman was the only commercial distillery in Virginia. It was bought by Sazerac Co. in 2003, and the primary production was moved to BT distillery. Today this whiskey is double distilled in Kentucky, then shipped to Virginia where it undergoes a third distillation, and then it’s aged for about 7 years. John J. Bowman Single Barrel is a stellar whisky, gold medal winner of San Francisco World Spirits Competition. So far it’s been more or less under the radar, so quickly grab a bottle or two while you still can, and don’t tell anybody about it. Bottled at 50% alc/vol.

NOSE: Cola, caramel, vanilla, marzipan, sherry.

PALATE: Light, stewed fruits, notes of cherry, nuts and peppercorn spice.

FINISH: Long, notes of figs and almonds, drying.