Jezreel Valley Alfa Red Blend

Jezreel Valley Alfa Red Blend


Complex, spicy and balanced red wine with wonderful long finish.


The Jezreel Valley Winery is a vision-come-to-life of modernized Israeli winemaking. Combining the best of winemaking tradition and state of the art technology. We are creating exciting new wines, which reflect our ”unorthodox” approach to a unique synthesis of varietals and best practices from Napa to Bordeaux. For us this is the modern Israel. Established in 2012 following the dreams of Jacob Ner-David and Yehuda Nahar. With a goal of creating wines that have a unique statement, their shared dream included establishing a high quality winery that will combine traditional winemaking with their love of the land and of Israel, all the while maintaining advanced technology and bold choices in the landscape of the local wine industry. The varietals that are selected in collaboration with winemaker Ari Erle are Mediterranean grapes and other appropriate varietals that create elegant and well-balanced wines suitable to the hot Israeli climate.


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