Ingenium Gin

At the heart of New England Distilling is a custom designed, hand-made copper pot-still. The design of the still allows us to produce robust whiskeys and rums alongside clean, crisp gin. The still is heated with direct fire which creates more caramelizing reactions in the pot leading to a more complex, robust spirit. The spirit leaves the pot and passes through two thumpers, driving the proof up and picking up “flavor compounds on its way to the worm where it is cooled and condensed back into a liquid. The spirit is collected as it leaves the worm, and matured in oak barrels or, as with our Ingenium Gin, allowed to rest a while and get its wits about it before bottling.

Ingenium (in·gē·ne·əm) n. the engine of natural creativity that comes from observation and imagination.

Ingenium is distilled from a grain mash in a direct-fired pot still in the style of 18th and 19th century gin. Pot distillation retains the flavors of the grain giving Ingenium mouthfeel reminiscent of whiskey. The botanicals are a blend of traditional and non traditional gin botanicals with a few extras that my wife and I were introduced to while traveling in Southeast Asia. The combination of which creates a nicely balanced, citrusy, herbal gin with a very smooth finish

NOSE: It smells rich and earthy, on the nose. The earthy, spicy character is the first thing that you experience. On the nose, its a bit of alcoholic burn.

PALATE: The taste is remarkably true to the nose. Again, a good deal of spicy rich coriander, Angelica and Orris seem present as well. There’s a bit of subtle juniper in here too.

FINISH: In the finish there’s some sweet herbal notes.