Hunt Country Vineyards Late Harvest Vignoles 2007

Our Late Harvest Vignoles is a seductively sweet after-dinner white wine in the Sauternes and Beerenauslese traditions that bursts with fresh citrus and exotic fruit flavors.  Enjoy chilled with apple, pear or nut tarts, with bleu cheese, or all by itself.

As the most historic wine-producing region in New York state, winemaking in the Finger Lakes area dates back to the 1820s and today as a region, accounts for 90% of the state’s total wine production.

Its narrow and deep lakes created by the movement of Ice Age glaciers create an environment similar to the classic Riesling-loving regions of Europe, namely Germany and Austria. The Finger Lakes retain summer heat that incidentally warms up cold winter air, making it fall down from the lakes’ steep slopes. When spring comes, the lakes, already cooled by cold winter weather, stave off vine budding until the danger of frost has subsided. The main lakes of the zone, that is those big enough to moderate the climate in this way, are the focal points of prime vineyard areas. They include Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca, and Cayuga.

While Riesling has fueled most of the region’s success, today Pinot noir and Cabernet Franc enjoy some attention.

Chairman’s Award (Double Gold), 2008 Riverside (Calif.) International Wine Competition
Example of American Greatness (Gold), 2008 Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition
Gold Medal, 2008 Long Beach (Calif.) Grand Cru Wine Competition
Gold Medal, 2008 Pacific Rim International Wine Competition
Gold Medal, 2008 Big E Northeast Gold Wine Competition
Gold Medal, 2008 Tasters Guild International Wine Judging