Tuthilltown Spirits is a fantastic micro distillery located in the Hudson Valley, NY that uses only local grains, small batch distilling, and a hand-crafted process that ensures that every bottle produced is the best it can possibly be.

Hudson Single Malt Whiskey is made in the classic fashion with whole ground malted barley and nothing else. Aged in small American Oak casks, this whiskey is a departure from popular single malt Scotches. The new oak lends a deeper woody affect to the spirit. Rich in color and full flavored, this single malt is an American reinterpretation of traditional Scottish and Irish whiskies. Bottled at 92 proof, it stands up nicely to a splash of water, which releases aroma and softens the spirit on your lips. And as with all our whiskey, this spirit improves in your glass as it opens up. Enjoy it slowly.

NOSE: Cereal, oak, freshly cut grass.

PALATE: Honey sweetness, oak notes, heather, floral notes.

FINISH: Medium, vanilla, oak, a touch of spice.