Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Coffee Old Fashioned

Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Coffee Old Fashioned


Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned is a whiskey-based cocktail inspired by the classic New Orleans after-dinner drink, Cafe Brulot.


The Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned cocktail finds its creative roots in the classic Café Brulot coffee cocktail. Its composition comprises Straight Rye Whiskey, Intelligentsia Coffee, a subtle touch of demerara cane sugar, and raw honey, complemented by aromatic bitters and enriched with the essence of navel orange peel. The drink boasts a robust 80-proof, ensuring a pronounced and vividly flavorful experience.

This concoction stands out due to its carefully selected and impeccable ingredients, which include being crafted from 100% Straight Rye Whiskey featuring a High Rye Mash bill. It gains complexity through an aging process of over two years within New American Oak Barrels, each possessing a char level of #4. The Intelligentsia Coffee blend employed is thoughtfully sourced, combining Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans, and is treated to meticulous roasting and extraction techniques. Despite its rich flavors, the drink achieves a harmonious balance with the sweetness equivalent to 1 sugar cube per Old-Fashioned serving.

The creation not only captures the essence of the renowned Café Brulot but also adds its own unique twist, making it a fitting homage to the beloved New Orleans after-dinner tradition.


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