Hillrock Estate Distillery Double Cask Rye Whiskey

Hillrock Estate Distillery Double Cask Rye Whiskey


Hillrock Estate Distillery’s Double Cask Rye is a “field-to-glass” whiskey made from their own organically grown rye and double-matured in oak casks.

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In the early 1800’s, New York produced more than half the young nation’s Barley and Rye and the Hudson Valley was the country’s breadbasket. With abundant high quality grain, local craft spirits flourished and over 1000 farm distilleries produced Whiskey and Gin reflecting the unique terroir of the region. In the 1930’s, Prohibition forced these distilleries to shut their doors and this wellspring of American spirits was left dry. Hillrock Estate Distillery is changing this. Their mission is to produce the finest hand-crafted spirits made with our own grain, floor malted, craft distilled in our copper pot still, aged in fine oak and hand bottled at their estate in the Hudson Valley Highlands. Crowned by a fine 1806 Georgian house built by a successful grain merchant and Revolutionary War Captain and meticulously restored to its original beauty, Hillrock Distillery overlooks rolling barley fields and the distant Berkshire Mountains. Like their premier spirits, every detail is refined, no expense spared, and quality steeped in the tradition of 200 years of rich history. Hillrock is proud to be one of the few “field-to-glass” whiskey producers in the world and the first USA distillery since before Prohibition to floor malt and hand craft whiskey on site from estate-grown grain. Hillrock’s commitment to quality embodies the rich history of artisanal distilling in the Hudson Valley. By controlling every aspect of production from planting & harvesting heirloom grains to smoking their own malt, to crafting whiskies in their copper pot still, to aging in small oak barrels and hand bottling, they aim to create the highest quality whiskies reflecting the unique local terroir.

Hillrock Estate Distillery Double Cask Rye is their “field-to-glass” rye whiskey made from organically grown rye at their own estate. The whiskey is double-matured, first in traditional oak casks and then in charred American white oak barrels. The American oak barrels were charred with #4 char and air-seasoned for over two years before assembly. The Double Cask aging process extends a wonderful balance between the spicy rye notes and the mellow, caramel sweetness. Deep golden amber in color, this whiskey starts off with the aromas of caramelized wood sugar, vanilla, and rye, gradually expanding into butterscotch, cinnamon, and sweet spices, leading up to a long, warm finish.


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