Herradura Anejo Tequila

Herradura Anejo Tequila


Herradura Anejo presents a smooth taste crafted through extended aging in white oak barrels.

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Created in 1963, Herradura Anejo is made from 100% Tequilana Weber Blue Agaves. With an aging process of 25 months, this tequila is a nice surprise for the best tasters of the world. Herradura Anejo has been compared to best whiskies of the world by the most demanding of palates.

Herradura Anejo has a medium-full body with a rich, plush texture. It displays notes of herbs, cedar, citrus and vanilla that lead to a strong herbal entry.

This Tequila recreates the beauty of Hacienda San Jose del Refugio’s old distillery. Tequila Herradura Anejo achieves its smooth taste through its long aging period in white oak barrels. Its beautiful appearance reveals its purity and careful development process.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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