Hattingley Valley Classic Reserve

Hattingley Valley Classic Reserve


The Classic Reserve showcases Hattington Valley’s excellence in sparkling wines with its smooth apricot and vanilla notes, creamy texture, and balanced finish.


Hattingley Valley specializes in the production of Sparkling Wines, employing the traditional method to craft their exquisite offerings. A distinctive element of their winemaking style involves the subtle use of oak barrels for fermenting a small proportion of the wines annually, coupled with aging on lees in stainless steel tanks. This meticulous process imparts a softening effect on the wines before they undergo the second fermentation in bottles.

The Hattingley Valley Classic Reserve has earned critical acclaim with its smooth hints of apricot and vanilla on the nose, creating an initial impression of richness and generosity. The palate continues this theme with a creamy texture and layers of gentle apple and stone fruit, intertwined with subtle notions of sponge cake. Despite these indulgent characteristics, the wine maintains a svelte profile, brightened by a lightning flash of brisk crispness. This harmonious combination of freshness and mellowness exemplifies the transformative impact of reserve wines on a delightful blend. The finish is characterized by dryness, purity, and a delicious quality that underscores the wine’s overall excellence.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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