Golden Moon Gin

Our Golden Moon Distillery produces premium hand-crafted herbal liquors and liqueurs using the best available herbs, spices and botanicals, and made with the same type of artisan production processes utilized by distillers in the mid-to-late 1800s.

Golden Moon Gin is distilled using the finest herbs, spices and botanicals available, including wild-crafted mint and juniper berries, and locally grown herbs and botanicals from the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains near Golden Colorado. Compared with other artisan gins, Golden Moon is unique and distinctive. It has a highly floral aroma and a soft, gentle, and refined taste. Golden Moon Gin is light to the taste, but carries a multitude of complex flavor notes of citrus and spice, making it very reminiscent of the historic gins of London.

NOSE: The nose is somewhat malty, warm and grainy with a slightly floral note augmenting a powerful dose of mint. The floral note is a tad like lavender, and it adds some color to this warm, malty, and almost earthy touch that it has upon first inhale.

PALATE: The taste actually begins somewhat more classically styled than the nose might otherwise hint at. Juniper and lemon nip at the corners of the mouth at first, but you feel a menthol coolness slowly starting to rise. That’s going to be the mint which is going to dominate the mid palate character of the drink. But although it dominates the middle, it quickly drops out allowing that floral touch to come through. And although it felt lavender on the nose, this floral note is earthier and darker

FINISH: The final touch is a slight dash of heat with a lingering floral note. A bit of the lavender in here, almost fruity and jammy despite never being louder than a whisper. The heat is what closes it out.