Glen Grant distillery was founded by the Grant brothers, John and James, illegal distillers and alcohol smugglers, when they decided to take a license and build a distillery in 1840. After their death, the distillery was passed down to James “The Major” Grant, a legendary innovator and visionary. He was responsible for designing and setting up new tall slender stills and purifiers, which are responsible for producing a very elegant and refined spirit, that Glen Grant single malt is now most famous for.

Glen Grant 10yr is an introductory bottling from the distillery, a classic Glen Grant, characterized by the signature creamy pallet, and light and delicate taste profile. Bottled at 43% alc/vol. We are partial to Glen Grant malts in general, and this is a great bottle for a beginner scotch drinker as well as for an experienced one, as it is well crafted, packed with flavor and balanced.

NOSE: Vanilla, toffee, apple, herbal.

PALATE: Creamy, malty, biscuits, fruit, vanilla, almonds.

FINISH: Dry, toffee, gentle spice and a touch of subtle peat!