Frapin Cognac Cuvee 1888 provides the finest example of the clan’s ability to mix centuries-old craft with the natural abundance of France’s Grande Champagne region. A mixture of several vintages, some predating its 1888 moniker, the Cuvée 1888 presents hints of soft spices and a surprising floral aroma.

On the nose, you’ll find notes of nuts, dried candied fruits, cocoa and coffee as well as more gentle floral notes. The palate brings honey, vanilla, raisins, nuts, and pepper and sweet spices. When you put the glass down you will know that your olfactory and taste senses have just been taken on an incredible journey through the centuries. Your bottle will be one of only 1,888 crystal carafes produced for Frapin by the Cristalleries Royales de Champagne. The magnificent presentation includes a twenty-four carat golden line and cork created by Etains d’Anjou and comes in a wooden box with a replica watch that was from 1888. Whether you are a collector or a drinker of fine spirits, now is the time to acquire this outstanding Cognac as there are fewer than 100 bottles left to enjoy.