Fable Storm 12yr Auchroisk Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Fable Storm 12yr Auchroisk Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Chapter 9 in Fable’s lineup of exquisite single cask bottlings, Storm is a twelve-years-aged experience you won’t want to miss.


Limited to just 307 bottles, this release won’t last forever…

Fable Whisky, a Scottish independent single-cask whisky bottler, is known for bringing Scottish legends to life through its unique selection of hand-picked single malts. These whiskies, each possessing distinct tastes and intriguing character, are sourced from both renowned and lesser-known distilleries across Scotland. FABLE’s approach involves bottling straight from the cask or allowing further maturation, resulting in exclusive expressions that truly stand out.

Every Fable single malt is a singular creation, with distinct distiller, cask, and bottle numbers. The individuality of each cask from a particular distillery guarantees a completely unparalleled experience for each FABLE Single Malt Single cask whisky.

Bottled directly from the cask, the whisky retains its raw flavors and potent strength, effectively showcasing both the inherent distillery qualities and the influence of the wood.

Remaining true to its maturation, the whisky is neither chill-filtered nor artificially colored, ensuring an authentic representation of its aging process.

Storm whisky is housed in a Hogshead cask, with a robust cask strength of 57.9%.

The nose offers grainy, nutty, and lightly sweet elements, alongside bread dough, marzipan, and honey, with water unveiling a distinct aroma. The taste is characterized by a full, warming entrance with sour notes of juicy oranges, tangerines, and lemon, alongside juicy citrus fruits, barley sugar, and subtle savory herbs. The finish starts with a dry, bitter citrus pith dominance, later transitioning to a sweeter note, leaving a lasting barley sugar aftertaste.


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