Etter Eau de Vie Framboise smells like someone stuck a quart of raspberries under your nose, sweet, earthy and ripe at the same time. So smooth the alcohol presence is hard to detect on nosing till it warms- even then, very smooth. , the raspberry essential oils are rounder and more bass-like then most eau de vies I have had, and somehow they have managed to tame the bitter seedy or seediness that many others have, so while there and while a essential component, is more muted than some- which is a good thing- it lends itself to a more harmonious finish. The warming rush of finely distilled alcohol on the backside giving you a slight breathlessness as it slides down the throat. Nips at the edges and back of your tongue as you finish it. Etter Eau de Vie Framboise has a wonderful, slightly warming, lingering dry finish.