Dalmore distillery was established in 1839 and is located in the village of Alness, Scotland. It was astablished by Alexander Matheson, who was an illegal opium smuggler, and then bought by the MacKenzie family in 1886. According to the legend, King Alexander III was saved by the MacKenzie predecessor form the boisterous stag, and as a reward, allowed him to bear the Royal emblem of a 12-pointed stag in his coat of arms. Now every bottle of Dalmore whisky is decorated with the image of the stag from the clan crest.

Dalmore whisky is considered to be one of the best Highland malts, and has won numerous prizes and awards. It utilizes uniquely shaped pot  stills, as well as the water from the river Alness, that runs through the village, all of which contributes to the great flavor of this whisky.

Ok, so here is Dalmore King Alexander III offering. Yeah, the same King as in that cute story, but for peat’s sake, all we want to know is how do you piss off a deer? None of us is a hunter by any stretch of imagination (honestly, Tony hunts only for deals on wines, and Dale would probably end up loosing the gun and taking a nap in the woods somewhere), so we are not really in the position to criticize King‚Äôs hunting skills, but they are really pathetic! Anyway, back to the whisky! It is a vatting of several whiskys of different ages, matured in number of various casks: American oak Kentucky bourbon, sherry, french wine, Marsala, Madeira, and port. (By the way, we think our next promotion should be a contest for the greatest number of synonyms for the word “cask”!) As a result, it is a very smooth and complex whisky, the only complaint we have is 80 proof bottling.

NOSE: Classic Dalmore, orange zest, creamy vanilla, fruit, barley.

PALATE: Well balanced, notes of berries, spice, orange, vanilla, wood,

FINISH: Lingering, notes of fruit, spice, and oak.