Corsair Artisan Distillery specializes in producing hand-crafted, small production, premium spirits. Using traditional copper pot stills, owners Andrew Webber and Darek Bell produce a few cases from each batch. This labor-intensive and costly approach is a throwback to a time when master blenders, not machines created taste and flavor. Within months of opening their first distillery in Bowling Green, KY, Corsair Artisan Gin was awarded a Gold Medal at the prestigious San Francisco Spirit Competition. The distillery continues to garner awards and a second distillery was opened in 2010 in Nashville. Mavericks at heart, Andrew and Darek blend innovative techniques with traditional distillation methods to create unique, artisanal spirits of distinction.

Corsair Red Absinthe is pot distilled with red hibiscus flowers, citrus, tarragon and dragon wormwood, a relative of the grand wormwood). This red colored spirit offers unique floral elements. Nuanced aromas of wormwood and anise precede notes of citrus and grapefruit. The palate evolves from a traditional base of anise to include tarragon and complex layers of herbs that are touched by a hint of mint. Bottled at 56% alc/vol.