Concannon Irish Whiskey

Concannon Irish Whiskey


Concannon Irish Whiskey combines malt and grain Irish whiskeys to create this double-distilled blend that is aged in wine and bourbon barrels.


Concannon Irish Whiskey is a meticulously crafted blend of malt and grain Irish whiskey, masterfully created by Noel Sweeney. Following double distillation for balance and purity, the whiskey undergoes a maturation period of at least four years in barrels. What sets Concannon apart is its unique practice of aging in former Concannon wine barrels alongside traditional ex-bourbon barrels, adding distinctive fruity undertones to the final blend.

Concannon has a 14-carat gold color and straightforward, grainy bouquet, translating into a taste profile that maintains the simplicity with grainy, cereal-like notes throughout and a dry finish.


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