Chateau de Pitray Premier Vin

Pitray‚Äôs success is due to the rigorous attention to quality of its two wines. The ‘Ch√¢teau de Pitray’ matured in vats, and the ‘Premier Vin du Ch√¢teau de Pitray’ produced from a selection of the best grapes, and matured in oak casks. This wine has regularly won Gold and Silver Awards at Agricultural shows in Paris and Bordeaux, thus confirming its richness and elegance, the qualities of which rival the great vintages of a famous appellation nearby. Has a well-defined, precise bouquet with blackberry and crushed strawberry fruit, the oak nicely integrated. The palate is medium-bodied with fine tannin, not much depth here, but very well balanced with a silky smooth finish. This comes highly recommended, since it is usually well priced.