Nero d’Avola is Sicily’s most popular red grape. If you ever go to a restaurant in Sicily, you won’t see 5 Cabernets on the wine list. Instead, you’ll see 5 different Nero d’Avola producers! The grape is capable of many different wine styles. Castellucci Miano makes an elegant and aromatic style to show off Nero d’Avola’s finesse and nuance. If you’re a fan of Nero d’Avola, you’ll be awestruck by its beautiful blackberry, volcanic espresso aromatics and soft and chewey textures.

The vineyards are found on the slopes of the Madonie Mountains at an altitude between 500 and 900 meters above sea level. Vineyard age 30/40 years. Sandy, clayey, medium-textured soil with alkaline reaction due to the presence of active limestone. Harvest October. Fermentation at a controlled temperature. Completele malolactic fermentation. Aging in stainless steel tanks and in small oak barrels for 10 months and in the bottle for another 2 months.
Production: 13,000 bottles per annum