Capurro Pisco

Produced exclusively from private-estate-grown, hand-picked, single-pressed grapes from the Capurro family vineyard situated on terroir-heavy desert soil, this brandy is made by crushing the grapes by single varietal, discarding the pomace (stems, seeds, skin), naturally fermenting the juice into young wines, and then blending the wines and distilling them once in copper pot stills. Capurro Pisco uses only the hearts of the distillate, discarding the heads and tails in order to maintain purity of flavor. After distillation, the pisco rests for at least one year in steel tanks, allowing the flavors to mellow, and is then bottled without adding water or anything else that would dilute its flavor. Excellent in a simple Chilcano (pisco, ginger beer, and lime) or in a more complex cocktail. Enjoy!