Brovo Spearmint Liqueur

We decided to call this flavor spearmint, not mint, because of the ingredients we use. We use real, grown in the earth plants to make liquor with. So this isn’t a generic mint, it’s actual spearmint. You know it is because the front palate flavor is mild, but the finish is strong, just like spearmint.

The spearmint is grown outside of Bellingham Washington and harvested from early April until late October. It makes an easy mojito or mint julep. A little goes a long way- the mint is pretty potent.

broVo is a collaborative, experimental distillery. We like to have fun, as well as make delicious products.

We make liqueurs, amaro and vermouth. But what we really make is a handcrafted, delicious liquor that you can sip or mix.

We make our products in the traditional way- we buy the base, and craft the flavors into it. We use a variety of techniques to impart the flavor into the liquor.

We usually re-distill the base with botanicals. We sometimes infuse or macerate using the botanicals. Sometimes they are combined together, occasionally we infuse separately and combine the flavors together- a process called compounding.

We believe in the ingenuity of bartenders. So much, that we work with them on a regular basis. They tell us their needs, they author our recipes, they use our spirits.

We encourage you to try our spirits- taste the difference of real liquor, made from real plants.