Bowmore distillery is located on the island of Islay, and it was founded in 1779, which makes it one of the oldest in Scotland. It utilizes mostly Islay barley, with a small percentage imported from the main land to accommodate the volume of production. Islay whiskys are well known for their peaty, smoky character, but Bowmore malts are usually medium peated and very well balanced.

Bowmore 18yr single malt is an integral part of the main Bowmore lineup. It is matured in American bourbon casks and Spanish sherry casks for at least 18 years, and that is the time when this spectacular whisky reaches its fullest expression. Great evening malt!

NOSE: Caramel, peat, smoke, flowery notes.

PALATE: Salty, medicinal, moderately peaty, spice.

FINISH: Long, smoky, spicy, with hints of sea salt.