Botanica Spiritvs Gin is an award-winning gin that is produced in 300 bottles per batch. It is a vapor-infused Gin, so flavors and aromas can be gently extracted from the botanicals during a long distillation process, using non-GMO grain spirit that has been distilled six times and carbon filtered.


The botanicals are distilled in season at the peak of flavor.  Due to seasonality, each batch is the product of 2-3 separate distillations, blended and allowed to age for a period of three weeks.  The gin is brought to bottling strength with purified Sierra Nevada Mountain water that is infused with frozen macerated cucumbers.

-distilled from grain
-alc | vol: 45%  90 proof


Botanica Spiritvs Gin is saturated with flavor and aromas of 13 botanicals that work in perfect harmony .

Beginning with aromas of Citrus, Bergamot, and Cardamom, followed by floral notes of Juniper, Cilantro,  Angelica, and a peppery finish. This is a sipping gin. Yet, it can work well in craft Cocktails.