A little distillery in upstate New York making hand-crafted whiskey and absinthes in a 45 gallon Christian Carl pot still. Located in Walton, New York along the Delaware River in the Western Catskills, evokes images of moonshine made along the banks of country streams in days gone past, however, Delaware Phoenix is a legitimate distillery licensed by the Federal and State governments.

My absinthes use the finest herbs from the US, Italy and Turkey. The wormwood is hand harvested at the peak of perfection by small family herbalists in Virginia and New York. For my whiskey, the basic grain is from an organic supplier in the Finger Lakes area while the malted grains are from a major supplier of some of the finest malts to America’s finest craft brewers. Also looking to use grain grown down the road from me about 10 miles in Hamden, NY.

Delaware Phoenix is pretty close to a one-person operation. I’m just an old woman making booze. :-) There’s only a couple hundred cases a year total for all my products. It’s all done by hand. You should come up and see some time. This is whiskey made by humans, not computers. The 19th century still lives on at Delaware Phoenix, with a few nods to 21st century pot still technology.

Blues Cat Absinthe evokes the fabled creative history of the great Cubist painters of the early 20th century when they wandered the cafés and bars of Paris and created new art forms in their studios. Blues Cat is made with the finest hand-crafted herbs combined with the distillers’ skill in the historic French tradition.

To properly prepare and fully develop the full flavor of Blues Cat Absinthe, you need to add 4 to 5 parts ice cold water to one part Blues Cat. No sugar needed.

Grain neutral spirits distilled with herbs and colored with herbs. Bottled at 68% alc/vol.