Black Button Four Grain Bourbon

Black Button Distilling is Rochester NY’s First and Finest, Grain to Glass, craft distillery making Whiskey, Vodka and Gin next to the Rochester Public Market. Founded in 2012 by local entreprenuer and Master Distiller Jason Barrett. Black Button Distilling uses local grains, custom built equipment and finely tuned recipes to deliver outstanding products that show of Western NY’s unique agricultural heritage.

Aged in new American White Oak, Four Grain Bourbon is 60% corn, 20% wheat, 9% rye, 11% barley, but still 100% New York State grown grain.

Once the grains are ground they are brought to Black Button’s silos in the heart of Rochester, where they are mashed, fermented, distilled and aged in both small and large barrels. Smaller barrels are ready in a year, with the age of the whiskey blend ranging from 14 to 26 months.

NOSE: The nose is subtle with the primary aroma being cereal in nature. There is some very faint oak somewhere deep underneath. The vapor yields no alcohol burn in the nose, even after inhaling deeply.

PALATE: There is some creaminess on first sip as the whiskey lightly coats the tongue. A honey-on-four-grain bread flavor is next on the palate

FINISH: It’s a very smooth and easy drinking experience with some oak lingering out back. The deceiving medium-to-long finish was a small surprise. Initially, it seems to be a very short finish. However, it starts up again, just after its initially dying out. It’s a nice surprise, especially if you aren’t rushing the experience. No one should be surprised that it’s mostly cereal and malt driven.