The Belgian Owl Whisky

The only distillery in the Liege region of Belgium, the Owl Distillery is the one man project of Etienne Bouillon, who honed his skills at the Whisky Academy in Islay, Scotland under master distiller Jim McEwan. A converted farm on the outskirts of the village of Grace-Hollonge, the Owl currently produces one product: Belgium’s only single malt whisky.

During the 1990s, a small grain of barley was already feeding the dreams of Etienne Bouillon. Soon, Christian Polis and Pierre Roberti joined Etienne in his creation. They filled their first cask of the future Belgian Single Malt Whisky, The Belgian Owl, on 29 October 2004. The creation of this first Belgian Single Malt Whisky distilled from barley grown in Belgium started quite a stir amongst the people of Belgium. The first 804 bottles of The Belgian Owl were quickly bought up by enthusiasts who wanted to be a part of the adventure. Jim Murray highlighted the quality of the production in his 2004 Whisky Bible.

NOSE: Lots of esters – green apples, pears, a little wine almost. A little fresh dough – almost malted milk biscuits. Yes it is young, but it’s still very pleasant.

PALATE: Very bright and fresh

FINISH: Flecks of citrus. Vanilla. Viognier wine.